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Back in Montréal: Piles of snow

This time we arrived in Montréal in winter and in a winter full of snow. The newspapers said that it was the biggest amount of snow since 1971!

Here's a view from our hotel. I feel home already!

As we hadn't seen much snow before we left I can really say we all loved the snow! Jessica, our daughter couldn't get enough of it, she jumped and played and was as happy as can be! However I noticed that many Montrealérs who already had to cope with the snow since November couldn't share our enthusiasm completely... But at least a lot of them smiled!

Back in Westmount Park:

Our favourite inhabitants were greeting us:

Of course at the beginning we were busy looking for a place to live and a car to drive. And once we came in a snow storm while driving, oh, we've never driven under such weather conditions before. The streets, even the highways were covered with lots of snow, in some of the side streets it was difficult to drive, sometimes under the snow there was ice which made driving difficult. And most of all we had to have the heating and air circulation on maximum to stop the windows from freezing too much. Still we saw a lot of cars stopping to clear the windows from the ice and if we had had to drive a bit further we had also had to stop for that. It was really so incredible, I never experienced something like this before.

Snow removal:

Piles of snow everywhere:

I am glad to be back!

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